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Celebrity News

In attendance at last night's game to watch Dontrelle Willis pitch was the great Mudcat Grant.  In case you don't know Mudcat Grant this excerpt from the Baseball Library should help.

Colorful Mudcat Grant was not only a 14-year ML pitcher, but a broadcaster and entertainer. He spent his first seven-plus seasons with the Indians, compiling a 67-63 record. He then reached his pinnacle with the 1965 pennant-winning Twins, leading the AL in victories and winning percentage (21-7, .750) and in shutouts (six). He defeated the Dodgers in the World Series opener 8-2, lost Game Four 7-2, and won Game Six 5-1, helping himself with a three-run homer. He worked mostly in relief after his trade to the Dodgers in November of 1967, and in 1969 recorded the expansion Expos' first win. With Oakland and Pittsburgh in 1970, he went 8-3 (1.87) with 24 saves. Sporting muttonchop sideburns, he was the lead singer of a group called "Mudcat and the Kittens."

Here is Jim Mudcat Grant's Official Homepage if you like some more information about this very special individual.

Wiggins have you ever heard "Mudcat and the Kittens"?  I can't say I have been so blessed.

Chris Rock in an interview with Richard Deitsch for spoke his opinion about contracting teams in MLB.

SI: What teams should be contracted?

Rock: You probably don't need two baseball teams in Florida. I think attendance tells us that. I would say the Devil Rays have to go. At least the Marlins have won championships. But baseball needs to contract. All those highlights of empty seats? It's starting to look like a USFL game.

I wish Mr. Rock well with his tickets sales for his next concert in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area.

And finally, in honor of Emily Dickinson night in last night's open thread I present you this as reported by The Miami Hearld.

Former WWF star The Genius Lanny Poffo (Who?) regales us with verse.

Here is a poem from The Genius:

The Marlins and Dolphins and Heat

Share a history: strong and replete

The Panthers are back

For another attack

Now that hockey is back on its feet.

And that is this weeks edition of Celebrity News.

Give me a break it's Friday, I'm tired and I am being forced to track a hurricane.