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Series Fifty-Two: Nationals at Marlins

We were going to sit down with Youppi one last time for this season. Everything was all set up. Grover had his questions ready. A time was set with Youppi. Despite the ugliness of being swept over the weekend at the hands of the Braves, we thought that some time with our good friend Youppi would bring some much needed cheer into Marlin land. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen today.

Before we could sit down with Youppi, we found out that the unthinkable happened. And that is why you're hearing from me today, and not Grover or Youppi. To say the least, they are both far too upset today to talk about the upcoming series. So, instead of posting our typical series preview, we're going to focus on Youppi and what's become of him since the Expos left him in Montreal.

Back in the day, we all knew Youppi as a fun mascot who liked to have a good time. Here is some evidence of that:

Youppi with his good friend Jack.

Youppi was much more than just a mascot for a baseball team. Youppi was the Expos. Youppi represented the proud history of baseball in Montreal. Sadly, the relationship between Youppi and baseball has come to an even more definitive end than what we all realized when the Expos moved to Washington and left their furry friend behind.

Words can't express it all, so we'll try to tell the tale with pictures:

Youppi being Youppi - well before Manny was cool for being Manny.

Youppi leads the brigade to try to save the team in Montreal.

Youppi shows a fan some love.

Youppi loves to sing.

Youppi in the stands (note the empty seats).

Youppi helping out some special kids. Even though he didn't talk about it much, Youppi was always great about giving back to the community.

Please click "read more" to continue reading the rest of the story. But before you do, I must warn you that there is a disturbing image of our good friend Youppi after the jump. Consider yourself warned. This image will likely haunt you permanently. It is not for the faint of heart.

Since the Expos left Montreal, times have gotten rough for good ole' Youppi. He now finds himself employed by a hockey club. It's sad, but true. Youppi had no other choice.

Yes, he was able to find work in his hometown of Montreal (apparently they have a hockey team - known as the Canadiens). But it's not baseball and it's certainly not the Expos.

Youppi tapes up his stick.

For more about the fate that Youppi has suffered, read here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Youppi and his family during this very dark time.