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Open thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Phillies (9/11)

An unusual 1:35 start time (although that's probably not too unusual to the Phillies). Valdez vs. Lieber. Big game (again today). The Fish need to take the game and the series.

It was a nice debut and a huge 2-inning outing for Josh Johnson last night. But he also threw 40 pitches in his two innings. And half of those were balls. He'll need to improve on that if the Fish are going to be able to count on him.

It's once again time for ichthyomancy. If you've been playing all season, please make your picks today. If you've never played before - start today. It doesn't cost anything, it's fun, and it's free.

Here's today's ichthyomancy pick table:

Person Player Attendance AAB
Craig Castillo 34,127 Castillo: HR
Double B SP
Fishfan24 Cabrera 24,024 SP: No hitter

Make your picks and discuss...