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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Nationals (9/8)

Josh Beckett (who may be injured) faces John Patterson tonight as the Fish try to avoid splitting the series. Patterson is a really tough draw for the Fish. His 8-4 record isn't overwhelming, but his 2.44 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, and 3 K: 1 BB ratio is all pretty intimidating. Working in the Fish's favor is that they've seen Patterson three times so far this season. However, Patterson has pitched well each time (though the last his last appearance against the Fish was back in late July).

Cool Standings has the Marlins with a 22% chance to make the playoffs. They're second in likelihood to win the Wild Card. That's not a bad position to be in when you have four games next week with the "favored" team (the Astros).

It's once again time for ichthyomancy. If you've been playing all season, please make your picks today. If you've never played before - start today. It doesn't cost anything, it's fun, and it's free.

Here's today's ichthyomancy pick table:

Person Player Attendance AAB
Carolina Encarnacion 27,900 Patterson: 5 IP
Colombo259 Hermida 26,245 3 Fish HR
Craig Pierre 29,783 Pierre: 3 SB
Danielfred1235 Lowell 29,000 Fish: R in 5 innings
Double B SP
Fishfan24 Cabrera 24,024 SP: No hitter
StrandedX02 Castillo 26,027 Beckett K=Fish R
Wiggins Hermida 28,546 Beckett: 11 K

Make your picks and discuss...