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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Phillies at Marlins (9/17)

Vicente Padilla vs. Dontrelle Willis.

Man, it's going to be hot today, isn't it? I'm half glad I'm not going to be watching this game in person.

(edit by craig) Juan Pierre is hosting a charity auction after the game at Conine's Clubhouse Grill to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. Several Marlins will be in attendance and signing autographs. The grill is located at 5181 Sheridan St. in Hollywood.

It's once again time for ichthyomancy. If you've been playing all season, please make your picks today. If you've never played before - start today. It doesn't cost anything, it's fun, and it's free.

Here's today's ichthyomancy pick table:

Person Player Attendance AAB
Carolina Willis 28,999 Fish: 7 R
Craig Pierre 33,421 Pierre: Inside park HR
Double B SP
Fishfan24 Cabrera 24,024 SP: No hitter
Wiggins Willis 30,456 Willis: no-hitter

Make your picks and discuss...