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Todd Jones is a Finalist

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MLB announced today the ten finalists for the inaugural "DHL Presents the Major League Baseball Delivery Man of the Year Award."

The 10 relievers vying for the Award are:

    * Chad Cordero, Washington Nationals
    * Dustin Hermanson, Chicago White Sox
    * Trevor Hoffman, San Diego Padres
    * Jason Isringhausen, St. Louis Cardinals
    * Todd Jones, Florida Marlins
    * Brad Lidge, Houston Astros
    * Joe Nathan, Minnesota Twins
    * Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees
    * Mike Timlin, Boston Red Sox
    * Bob Wickman, Cleveland Indians

Online voting for the fans begins tomorrow Sept. 20 and goes through October 9.  One lucky fan will win a trip for two to the 2005 World Series.

I don't think I have to tell you who FishStripes recommends you vote for but just in case, vote for Todd Jones.

[Update] Vote Here