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History is on Our Side

The Marlins have just finished an eleven game road trip against fellow Wild Card contenders 6-5, a half game out. Not great but not bad either and now their remaining games are all against National League East foes. Nine of the games will be at home and six on the road.

The first up are the Phillies at home and if history is any indicator we have a reason to be optimistic.

Locked in a tie with the Marlins, the Phils head to Miami for three games in a stadium against their one-time arch-nemesis where the club's 2003 wild-card hopes came to an abrupt end. It's also a place where the Phillies have won just five of their last 16 games over the past two seasons. Toss 2003 into the mix and the Phillies are just 7-18 in the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie and ProPlayer.

Even more than just the series with the Phillies, the Marlins are traveling charted waters. The team has been here before and many members of the team are no stranger to this trip. I will let Jack explain:

"If you remember 2003, we went into the last week of the season half a game behind and what happened? Hopefully this will end the same way."
Palm Beach Post

It could happen.

Yes, the Marlins have their problems but so does everyone else. I realize this is not 2003 and this version of the team doesn't feel the same as it did then, but the 2003 Marlins had their problems too.

I have no idea whether the Marlins can pull this off but I do know this, History is on our side.