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FishStripes Prediction Contest

It's contest time once again at FishStripes, and this time we have prizes! Courtesy of our good friend Seamusfurr, we have two sets of mint-condition Pacific Collection cards which commemorate the 1997 World Series Champion Florida Marlins. The cards are in Spanish and are very nice looking.

So, what do you have to do to win one of these sets of cards? Well, it's fairly simple: we're going to pick award winners and statistical leaders for both leagues. Whoever makes the most correct predictions in a league will win one set of the cards.

Make your picks in the comments below (and feel free to add any additional commentary). "Anonymous Hero" is still enabled, but don't use that to make your picks (otherwise I won't know who you are). We'll know the winners once the awards are handed out.

Most importantly, anyone is welcome to play. The tables have been pre-populated with our Ichthyomancy regulars, but that's just because it's easier for me. If you're a Marlins fan, a card collector, or just someone who thinks they know more than the rest of us, feel free to sign up and play.

Here's a summary of the categories:

1. MVP - the league's MVP winner
2. Cy Young - the league's Cy Young Award winner
3. Rookie - Rookie of the Year
4. Manager - Manager of the Year
5. Comeback - Comeback Player of the Year (Nominees)
6. Batting - batting average champion
7. HR - home run champion
8. RBI - league leader in RBI
9. ERA - league leader in (low) ERA
10. BB - (NL only) number of homers that Barry Bonds hits

EDIT: I'm going to make picks, but rule myself ineligible for prizes.

National League

Person MVP Cy Young Rookie Manager Comeback Batting HR RBI ERA BB
Colombo259 Pujols Carpenter Francoeur Randolph Jones Lee Jones Pujols Clemens 5
Danielfred1235 Pujols Carpenter Taveras Garner Griffey DLee Jones Pujols Clemens 7
Double B
Jsprt05 Pujols Carpenter Taveras Cox Griffey Lee Jones Jones Clemens 4
Mike42 Pujols Willis Howard Cox Griffey DLee Jones Jones Clemens 6
Seamusfurr Pujols Carpeneter Taveras LaRussa Griffey Pujols Jones Jones Clemens 3
StrandedX02 Pujols Carpenter Francoeur Cox Griffey Pujols Jones Jones Clemens 5

American League

Person MVP Cy Young Rookie Manager Comeback Batting HR RBI ERA
Colombo259 Vlad Colon Cano Guillen Giambi Young Ortiz Ramirez Millwood
Danielfred1235 Colon Swisher Macha Giambi Young Ortiz Millwood
Double B
Jsprt05 Ortiz Colon Cano Guillen Giambi Young Ortiz Teixeira Millwood
Mike42 Vlad Buehrle Iguchi Guillen Halladay Young Konerko Teixeira Buehrle
Seamusfurr Ortiz Colon Swisher Guillen Zito Ortiz Buehrle
StrandedX02 Ortiz Colon Street Guillen Zito Young Ortiz Ortiz Santana

All predictions must be made by midnight on September 20th.

If you'd like to suggest other categories, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

Thank you to Seamusfurr for offering up prizes!