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Suspended Batboy to Appear on "Letterman"

The suspended Marlins' batboy (who won't be working this weekend's series against the Mets) will be appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight. Set your DVRs and VCRs accordingly.

Also, the kid's name is apparently Nick Cirillo, and not Nick Gonzalez as previously reported.

Another tidbit that I did not know about this story: the "boy" is a student at Broward Community College (I had him pegged as a wee bit younger).

And one last thing that you may not want to know:

"It was all over the food area where the players eat," said one source in the room that day. "It was a big cleanup."

I'll leave what there was to clean up to your imagination (or you can just read the story through the link provided above.