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Who is the Third Catcher?

In the game on Saturday Jack sent in a pinch hitter for Treanor in the 9th with Lo Duca already out of the game.  This move naturally brought on speculation, who is the third catcher.

Waltz and Hutton said on the broadcast that they have asked that very question and the third catcher is Lenny Harris.  The duo mentioned Lenny's qualifications, he had caught a couple of games in High School. (Not exactly a stellar Resum? but if Lenny is the best option - then Lenny is the best option.)

And then on Sunday I find this:

as reported in the The Miami Herald

Manager Jack McKeon, who pinch-hit for Treanor in the ninth inning Saturday, would have had to use third baseman Mike Lowell behind the plate if the game had gone extra innings.

So this begs the question, who is the third catcher?  Lenny, Mike or maybe someone else?

Does anyone here know?  I sure don't.