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Harris Humbles Teammates; Hermida Coming Up?

It turned out to be quite an eventful off the field evening for the Marlins last night. Various versions of this story are floating around:

After watching them give up seven runs in two innings, turning a 4-2 Marlins lead into a 9-4 deficit, Harris unleashed a loud, profane attack on his teammates while reporters met with manager Jack McKeon in his office. A Marlins staff member quickly closed the office door, but Harris clearly could be heard through the walls.

The G-rated version of the tirade was that the Marlins are playing selfishly rather than as a team. And it was hard to argue with that Wednesday after three relievers combined to cough up what would have been Josh Beckett's 11th win of the season, giving up five runs on seven hits, two walks and two wild pitches in 1 2/3 innings.

I can understand Lenny's frustration, but Kevin Baxter's (the author) assessment that "it was hard to argue with that" is a little difficult to understand, as he seems to be comparing the bullpen's poor results last night with being selfish. I doubt that Villone selfishly intended to give up a two run homer, but maybe he did.

My take on Lenny's tirade was that he's frustrated with how this team has played of late. Last night's win was another win that got away. Maybe that's stretching it too far, but it's definitely a game that the Marlins made worse than it should have been.

On a possibly more encouraging note, although it would only be possible Delgado goes on the DL: we could be seeing Jeremy Hermida sometime soon. As you know, Delgado's elbow is still tender (per Mike Berardino on the radio this morning, Delgado cannot swing the bat without pain). With the doubleheader coming up on Monday, the Fish may need to make a roster move so that they can have some fresh bodies on the bench against the Rockies. The logical move would be to put Delgado on the DL retroactive to last week and to promote Hermida temporarily.

If Delgado's really not healthy, that's what I'm hoping for.