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The Last Day to Trade and Her-Might-A

Just caught this quip from Jack in today's Herald notes (in regards to Resop being sent back down to AA):

For a player to be eligible for postseason play, he must be in the Marlins' system by midnight tonight. McKeon hintly strongly that the team was about to complete a trade for a position player.

I have heard no rumors and have no idea who this position player might be. I like the sound of it though.

Until I re-read the line from Jack, I assumed he was hinting about Hermida. But he specifically mentions trade, which wouldn't mean Hermida (unless they were to do the unthinkable) Well, unless Jack has forgotten the difference between a trade and a callup (which is entirely possible).

Conflicting reports are all over the place about Jeremy Hermida. He's in South Florida and was at last night's ballgame. At this point, it's not clear if he's here for medical evaluations or to be added to the roster (in all likelihood, he's here to be evaluated, and if found healthy enough, will be added to the roster).

Here's the key (from the Sentinel):

Barring an injury to a position player, Hermida has to be on the 25-man roster by midnight tonight to gain postseason eligibility.

I love the thought of having Hermida on the major league roster. I suppose if he's added to the 25-man squad (either for today or for the post-season), that his addition comes at the expense of Chris Aguila.

Unfortunately for Aguila, he hasn't really had a significant opportunity to prove himself in the majors this year. He may have been better off with another year in the minors. Regardless, there were never the hopes or the expectations for Aguila that there are for Hermida.

Hopefully Hermida will see some significant playing time whenever he's added to the roster.