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A New "Mainstream" Blog

Juan C. Rodriguez, of the Sun-Sentinel, has a new Marlins blog. Unlike most mainstream blogs (particularly the ESPN kind) this appears to be an actual blog (you know - where you can leave comments that will actually show up).

Well, I thought that in theory. In response to Juan's first post about the Cy Young Award, I wanted to ask this:

Juan -

What's the criteria that you are given for Cy Young voting? I always hear that the number of wins a pitcher accumulates counts for or against him (as does his team's finish in the standings).

To me, especially in a year like this one, that doesn't make sense. If you were picking one National Leaguer to pitch one game for you, you would almost have to go with Roger Clemens. Chris Carpenter is having a great year. So is Dontrelle Willis (and a number of others). But Roger Clemens is putting up nearly historic numbers.

Why should Clemens be penalized for being on a team with a poor/underachieving lineup?


But, for whatever reason, I'm unable to get the comment to post (the comment page will not load for me).

Check it out, leave a comment. Juan's blog could be one to keep an eye on.

And speaking of new blogs, our friend Jsprt also has a new blog, which can be found here.