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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Cardinals at Marlins (8/31)

Jeff Suppan vs. Jason Vargas - if I was a Cardinals' fan, I don't think I'd like this matchup. I'd say what I think about Vargas, but it might jinx him tonight.

It's the end of August, so that means it's just about award time. Make sure to vote for your favorite diary and comment from the month of August.

On a non-baseball note, last night we talked about starting up a fantasy football league. Jsrpt set one up (here) and a few of us signed up. If you're interested, please sign up soon. Once we get enough people, we'll work out details about the draft. Speaking of a draft - how should we handle it: pre-set rankings and let the computer pick, or host a manual draft through an open thread and comments? I like the idea of a manual draft, but it may take forever.

It's once again time for ichthyomancy. If you've been playing all season, please make your picks today. If you've never played before - start today. It doesn't cost anything, it's fun, and it's free.

Here's today's ichthyomancy pick table:

Person Player Attendance AAB
Craig Gonzalez 21,978 Marlins: 5 SB
Danielfred1235 Castillo 21,750 Pos. player ejected: 1 per team
Double B Vargas
Fishfan24 Cabrera 24,024 SP: No hitter
Seamusfurr Delgado 22,222 2B: knocked loose during SB-attempt
StrandedX02 Vargas 20,027 Suppan: lasts until 5th
Wiggins Vargas 24,587 Pierre/Castillo: B2B 3B

Follow the action virtually here

Make your picks and discuss...