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Tangotiger's 2005 Scouting Report by the Fans

Tangotiger is once again putting together a scouting report by the fans. Unfortunately, they haven't gotten a lot of Marlins responses. Please check out Tangotiger and fill out some scouting reports (you can fill them out for other teams/players too if you're comfortable doing that).

Here's an overview:

I want you to tell me what your eyes see. I want you to tell me how good or bad a fielder is. Go down, and start selecting the team(s) that you watch all the time. For any player that you've seen play in at least 10 games in 2005, I want you to judge his performance in 7 specific fielding categories.

Try to judge "average" not as an average player at that position, but an average player at any position. If you think that Chone Figgins has an average arm, then mark him as average, regardless if you've seen him play CF, 1B, 2B, or 3B.