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Storm Update

I know that many of you don't care in the slightest about the storm, and that's completely fine. But I know we have some lurkers here who I probably haven't been able to get in touch with, so I'm leaving a storm update here. If you're not interested, go to the previous entry and participate in Jsprt's party thread.

Up until 9 o'clock last night I was pretty confident that the Hurricane Katrina would be a non-event for me. I think it was 9. It may have been earlier.

Then I started to see transformers burst throughout my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. The storm re-intensified - and it brought lots of wind, which I wasn't expecting (I expected a lot of rain, but not wind). Eventually (by 9:30 or so), the power was out at my place. By then my only concern was keeping water out of my place (as there's a problem with my sliding glass doors). I managed to be able to do that.

After eating as much ice cream as I could (hey - it's going to melt!), I secured what I could and got ready for bed. It was so loud that I slept in my closet, but that was kind of fun.

There's still no power at my place, but other than that everything is normal.

Sorry that I don't have pictures or anything. I was too busy protecting my computer and valuables to do that last night. Now I really wish that I had done that. Oh well, next time. :-)

I hope that everyone made it through the storm safely.