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Hurricane Katrina After-Party

The party that Jsprt started last night continues here. In case you missed the original festivities, go here.

I'll start us off again with another favorite baseball moment. I'll go off the board though to introduce some new names into the discussion:

On May 8th, 1984, the Chicago White Sox began a game against the (then-AL) Milwaukee Brewers. After 17-innings the game was suspended for the night (a curfew was in effect).

The game resumed the next day and the White Sox eventually won it on a Harold Baines home run in the 25th inning.

Hall of Famer and current Braves' broadcaster Don Sutton started the game for the Brewers. Future Hall of Famers Robin Yount and Carlton Fisk both played in the game too. Yount went 3-for-10 and Fisk went 3-for-11 (in one game!).

Most interesting of all was that Hall of Famer Tom Seaver came into the game in relief for the Sox in the 25th inning. He got the win in the game. He also started the game regularly schedule for May 9th (also against the Brewers, of course) and won that game too (he went 8 1/3 innings). Not too many guys have won two games in the same day.

I'll gave you something a little unusual to work with, but go from there. The rules are that each comment has to follow the previous one. So pick a favorite moment of yours, using something that I mentioned in my favorite moment above.