HURRICANE PARTY!!!! - And after the party it's the AFTER-PARTY

So in honor of FishStripes first Hurricane (lets call her Kat), I have decided to mix it up a bit and will be throwing the very 1st SBNation Hurricane Party.

Mike you get the alcohol sure you have the drugs covered

Daniel will be in charge of music (please no blue grass)

Craig can handle the cups, plates, etc. (sorry)

And of course, I will be responsible for reeling in all the FishStripe groupies that wander around SBNation.

In the next 24 hours, FishStripes is going to be whirlwinded onto the top of the Sports Blog world. Anyone and everyone who is on the internet is welcome to attend the party, and your contributions will keep this PARTAY ROCKIN!!

So heres how the party works....

I will start it off by naming my favorite baseball moment (that i witnessed live or on TV), the following person will then name their favorite baseball moment that has to somehow tie into my moment (connected by team, player, year, etc.)

The 1st comment will be related to my Favorite Moment

The 2nd comment will be related to the 1st comment

And so on....

When you make your comment, name your favorite moment and how it ties into the previous comment


The FishStripes Online Open House Party starts now!!

I WANT at least 100 comments dammit!!! No repeating moments!!!

Here it is:
My Fav. Moment: Sitting down the 3rd base line and watching Alex Gonzalez's Walk Off homerun in game 4 of the 2003 World Series

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