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Lack of Television Explained

Apparently a lack of ad revenue is to blame for the Marlins not being on the air tonight or tomorrow night. Rich Waltz must be raking in the big bucks. FSN/SUN Sports can't just afford to be cutting those kinds of checks without some serious revenue coming in to pay for Rich.

Financial issues are a major factor. It's challenging for FSN or Sun to sell ad revenue on short notice.

This is a little hard to believe as even the article mentions that the August 3rd game against the Cardinals was added mid-year. Apparently advertising was sold for that.

In addition, how short was the notice? This FSN/SUN Sports merger isn't exactly hot off the presses. If someone wanted tonight's (and tomorrow's) game to be on television, I'm sure they could have made it happen.

This is just another example of the Marlins going out of their way to take care of their fans. Don't bother to ask about it; I'm sure if you do, you'll be told that the matter is out of the Marlins hands. FSN and Sun Sports decide these things, you know.