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A Revelation

Linda Robertson apparently just noticed that Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera are bargains, at least relative to their peers, with their sub-$400,000 compensation.

To this I say: Where have you been, Ms. Robertson? You are quite late to the party.

The fact that Willis and Cabrera are bargains is not news. Maybe that was news about this time in 2003, but frankly - it's a little stale by now. Everyone who's been paying any sort of attention learned this a long time ago.

Robertson mixes some nice quotes from Dontrelle and Miguel into the article; they talk about how happy they are to be in the Majors and how the money doesn't matter to them (at least not at this point). About all that's missing is a nice quote from Bobby Bowden saying something to the effect of, "Dagummit, it's just not right. These boys should be paid what they're worth."

Next week maybe we'll find a story about how Luis Castillo plays really good defense, but has some chronic aches and pains. Or maybe someone will crunch the numbers and suggest that Mike Lowell is having an off year.

Thanks for the insight Linda!