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Series Forty-One: Dodgers at Marlins

A four game set against the Dodgers starts this weekend at JRS. We sat down with the Duke to talk about it.

: Welcome back to FishStripes, Duke. What's up with your Dodgers? They're well under .500, but decidedly in the NL West race.

: It's really odd, isn't it? After last year's division title, hopes were high for the Dodgers. But throughout the season, they've been plagued by injuries. Most notable amongst the injuries is the fact that the Dodgers have had only three regular starters this season: Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, and Jeff Weaver.

: And Lowe has kept himself in the headlines off the field of late, hasn't he?

: Yes, he has. But I would rather not get into it.

: How is former Marlin Hee Seop Choi faring for the Dodgers this year?

: Well, he's getting regular playing time this year, which is a good thing. That's something he hasn't gotten consistently over the course of his career. Unfortunately, he hasn't done a whole lot with it; his line of .252/.331/.466 is not overwhelming - especially for a physically imposing first baseman. This offseason may prove to be the point where Choi moves from the realm of being a prospect to being a guy who just hasn't lived up to expectations.

: Thanks for your time, Duke.