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I Heart Summer Vacation

As I alluded to earlier, there are some obligatory pictures that we SBNation folks have to take when we're in Cooperstown. I believe that Dex was the first to make the pilgrimage this year and thus he was also the first to post the pictures.

In case you missed them, check out his writeup here, or be lazy and look at the picture from his his site:

I took a very similar picture to Dex's, which can be seen here:

Mine is much more traditional though (that's me on the left and the lovely Carolina on the right). As you can see I'm extolling the virtues of following the White Sox this year while she rambles on about the Marlins, young pitching, and the lure of the Wild Card.

During my visit to Cooperstown, I was also pleased to sign a contract with the Buffalo ball club. The good folks at Cracker Jack even tabbed me as a Future Hall of Famer on my very first baseball card.

I was pretty geeked about this until I realized that Dex had garnered the same recogition a few months back:

Seriously though, I don't think I can play on the Buffalo team with Dex. There's only so much room in a clubhouse for egos and with Dex and I fighting for that space it's bound to get ugly.

Maybe we can let the winner of this week's series between the Padres and the Marlins determine which one of us gets to the opportunity to continue to pursue our Hall of Fame career.