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Off Day: Prospect Talk - MaverickBall Interview

Today is an off day for the Marlins - their first since July 25th. Normally this is where I'd try to talk about an emerging minor leaguer or a future hole at the major league level due to pending free agency. But that's not going to happen today.

Instead I'll refer you to Maverick's diary (here) and entry (here) about Brad McCann.

Side Note:
Also, there seems to have been a lot of personal attacks in the comments lately. Quite honestly, I'm pretty tired of them.

If you care to read up on it, go here. I don't mean to pick on the folks who participated in this particular back-and-forth, but it's just the latest example.

As mentioned in that thread, we're instituting a new policy about personal attacks: personal attacks left in the comments or the diaries will be deleted. We'll try to either leave a follow-up comment or contact the attacker directly to let them know that their comment has been deleted. The first deleted personal attack will just be a warning. A second personal attack (over any period of time) will earn the attacker a five game suspension from ichthyomancy (and yes, this applies if you respond to an attack with an attack of your own - instead just email me and let me know about the comment you've found offensive, and I'll take care of it). You'll still be welcome around the site and can comment freely, but for five games you'll be ineligible for ichthyomancy. Any subsequent personal attacks will result in an additional five game suspension per attack (each comment counting as its own).

If you don't like it - tough. There's no appeal process. And yes, it's subjective. If I don't like your comment and consider it a personal attack, I'll delete it and you'll be warned. Craig's take may be different and if he sees it first, you're subject to his judgment. Yoda definitely sees things differently than the two of us, so fear his wrath as well.

I really don't think this will be a big issue, but if it is, send me an email or let me know about it offline. This site should be a friendly place where we can all talk about baseball - whether it involves the Marlins or not. There's no need for personal attacks.