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Marlins a Threat to the Astros

as reported by MSNBC

The Astros are a strong favorite to win the NL wild card, but the team with the best chance of catching them is Florida, which has enough offense and enough pitching to really pose a threat to Houston.


But Florida must consider what's left of the season as representing a chance for it to make the most of its strengths, namely some talented young pitchers, a very solid closer, and a potent middle of the lineup.

If the Marlins can do the above and play better in their division, they should have a shot at Houston

Houston knows this.  As some of you know, I get to see a lot of Astros games on television and they are continuously breaking into the game to update on the Marlins.  They are not doing this for the Phillies or the Nationals who are actually closer to the Astros in the Wild Card standings.  They are very concerned about the Marlins.

Now onto justifying their concerns.