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The Trip: The Game

As you already know by now, on Saturday (7/2) we attended the Marlins - Mets game at Shea Stadium. The Marlins won the game 7-3 and Carlos Beltran failed to run out a ball that he hit to first. The Beltran story filled New York's tabloids on Sunday.

You already know what happened during the game, so I was hoping to catch everyone up on our experience at the game. There were a number of us in attendance - including myself, site meteorologist Carolina, Bob from Deep Fried Fish, Rick of fame (and RFerry here on FishStripes), Stan (who I believe found us via AmazinAvenue) - along with his wife and very adorable son, Beckett, and a handful of others who would probably rather remain anonymous.

Unfortunately my pictures are not very good. Check them out and see what you think, but I mostly ended up with stadium shots. Most disappointing of all was that the pictures with Mr. Met did not come out very well.

The entire Mr. Met experience was exciting (maybe that was just for me and for Beckett, who's not quite two). It started early in the game when we thought that Mr. Met was coming to visit us. He passed us by though. I was taking this a little personally, since I thought he'd passed on the lone Marlins box. So I set out to find Mr. Met to tell him that we had a little Mets fan (Stan's son Beckett) in our box who was very eager to meet Mr. Met. Eventually I learned that Mr. Met was just taking care of his other duties and that he would be back to see us shortly.

And he was. While I couldn't get Mr. Met to take a picture with a bottle of champagne in his hand (that would have been great), he did have a good time trying to obstruct our Marlins gear from the photos. Most of what came out - in my photos at least - is Mr. Met giving the thumbs down sign to those of us in Marlins gear (well, except for in the pictures with Cristy and Cori - apparently he didn't have a problem with their Florida themed attire).

Other people took pictures though and hopefully have better stories. Over at Deep Fried Fish there's already a nice recap and a scary picture of me.

Like Bob did, I'm sure that everyone else can tell better stories (and share better pictures) than me, so I'll leave that to them. Leave a comment (or two) and/or send us a link to your recap.

I really had a great time at Shea and it was great to meet everyone. Thank you to everyone who came out (especially to Wiggins, who tried to make it but wasn't able to due to extremely extenuating circumstances). We will have to get together and have another road trip sometime - maybe this will become an annual thing. Seamus suggested a trip to San Fran. That sounds good to me. Any suggestions?