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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Giants at Marlins (8/14)

Burnett vs. Hennessey (when I typed his name it felt like I was typing Mississippi) (craig)

Today is getaway day for the Giants and it's the same for me too, as I'm heading back to Miami tonight. I'm sure everyone cares.

(edit by craig) Delgado was activated after missing 17 games. Good to see you back Big Guy. In bringing Delgado off the DL de los Santos was, for all intent and purpose, sent back to the minors. Mike's dead arm theory appears to be spot on.

Paul Lo Duca is expected to rejoin the team on Tuesday. If that happens, it will be nice to have the team running on all cylinders again. Hopefully the rest of his legs and not getting hit with foul tips will mean wearing down in the rest of the second half won't be a problem.

Jack had a little father to son talk with Josh about his 8th inning display. Randy Winn after the game just laughed the whole incident off so maybe a Marlin won't get plunked today, but I wouldn't count on it.

And that ends, Tales from Around the Campfire.

Mike, I most definitely care. Sorry I talked all around your post.

Ichthyomancy Pick Table:

Person Player Attendance AAB
Craig Pierre 26,782 Pierre: HR
Danielfred1235 Delgado 28,205 Delgado: HR over WS sign CF
Double B Burnett
Fishfan24 Cabrera 24,024 Burnett: No Hitter
Jsprt05 Burnett 26,765 Cabrera: RF line 2B
Seamusfurr Treanor 30,152 Burnett: 2 H
StrandedX02 Burnett 27,327 Lowell: 2 RBI
Wiggins Delgado 30,023 Burnett: 11 K

Follow the action virtually here

Make your picks and discuss...