The 2003 postseason...

Now that 2 different things that happened to me during the playoffs 2 years ago have come up in one day, I think it's time for the whole account. Well, the Lowell stuff won't be in there...that was pretty much a self-contained story. Anyway, submitted for the approval of the soap fans:

I'll spare everyone the full intro and give a bit of background. I lived in Florida until 2003 and when my parents moved, I managed to stick around for the summer, mostly because of my girlfriend of about 18 months--who, despite the way she may package herself in Boston now, is not a baseball fan--we saw a triple play at a Marlins game in '02 which she referred to as a "triple strike." At the same time, though, it also afforded me the opportunity to really get caught up in the first good Marlins team we'd had in forever.

Anyway, before too long I was going back to school in North Carolina...let's just say that our basketball team is "awesome baby!" Now, my birthday is on 1-October and what a present I got...both of my teams--the team I've always loved (your Florida Marlins) and the one I adopted from living in Rhode Island (the 2004 World Champions) were in the playoffs!

So sitting in my room a couple days after my birthday watching the Marlins game, Girlfriend, who started college about a month beforehand, said that she wants to talk. Asks if I saw myself marrying her...keep in mind this is DURING a NLDS game...the point being that she didn't want to wait 4 years for us to be together for a long time.

We had a few days off coming up and I somehow convinced my friends to drive me up to Boston from Durham to figure things out. Two things: one, the city was going nuts because I was up there during the whole, Pedro fights with Zimmer stuff...two, the trip sucked for various reasons. I mean, 800 mile drive on less than a week's notice and to say that Girlfriend was frigid would be quite the understatement. Nevertheless, I came back home to NC and we weren't officially broken up yet.

Then, here come the Fish in the Series, and I'm going nuts. Game 6, Beckett makes the tag and fist pump, I'm jumping up and down and out the door to find my one other Marlins fan friend to have some beers. Intoxication complete, I remember eating with one of my other friends at our 24-hour diner and come back to my room maybe 2 or 3 am. At which time the conversation goes something like:
--Did you hear? The Marlins won the World Series!
--Matt, I'm really sorry...I don't think this is going to work.

End scene.
Tune in next week when I talk about my other girlfriend and how our first date was at the Canes-UNC football game last October, which was a pretty good metaphor for our "relationship."