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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Nationals at Marlins (7/29)

TIME: 7:35 @ JRS
       NATIONALS                                       MARLINS
Tony Armas (5-4, 4.73)                       Josh Beckett (9-6, 3.33)
I love 7:35 Friday night starts. But speaking of starting times, tomorrow's game is a day game - so make your picks early. I'll put up the open thread for tomorrow's game earlier than usual (probably around midnight Eastern time).

Beckett gets a shot to set a career high in wins if he can notch his 10th of the year tonight. It's amazing that he's never reached double digits before.

In addition to making your ichthyomancy picks, make sure you VOTE! today. Unlike yesterday, three of today's four matchups are shaping up to be close. Read about today's matchups here and vote.

EDIT: I keep forgetting to mention this, so I'll mention it here. Fishfan mentioned the high pants last night, which I too think are very cool. Even cooler than that is that everyone is into it - even the team batboys. We'll probably keep seeing it as long as they keep winning.

Ichthyomancy Pick Table:

Person Player Attendance AAB
Carolina LoDuca 24,444 Lowell: HR
Colombo259 Castillo 23,012 Beckett: 6 2/3, 2 ER
Craig Lowell 22,578 Lowell: 3B
Danielfred1235 Encarnacion 25,000 3 involved DPs (see comment)
Double B Beckett
Fishfan24 Pierre 27,100 Beckett: 8 IP, 8 K
Jsprt05 Beckett 21,345 Beckett: 9 K
Seamusfurr Beckett 27,007 Hitter charges mound
StrandedX02 Conine 26,227 Cabrera/Conine: B2B HR
Wiggins Pierre 27,007 Marlins: 8+ run win

Follow the action virtually here

Make your picks and discuss...