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Rain, Rain, Go Away; I Still Don't Like Leiter

It's not just me, right? It's sad that a win over the lowly Pirates is borderline cause for celebration, isn't it? Despite two rain delays, the Fish won last night. Actually, the rain delays may have helped. Getting Duke out of the game was probably a blessing.

Not only did the Marlins suffer through rain delays last night, but former Marlin Al Leiter was back on the hill for the Yankees again. Leiter pitched horribly - about as horribly as you could pitch and just give up one run through five innings (7 hits and 5 walks - totalling to 12 baserunners in those 5 innings).

I'd be happy for Al (that he's getting somewhat better results), but I'm sick of hearing about how it's different for him in New York. Allegedly, he's focusing more. What's more important - and also talked about quite frequently - is that Leiter has adjusted his mechanics. Apparently it's leading to better results. I'm sure that Stottlemyre had a hand in these tweaks, but what's somewhat disturbing is that Gary Sheffield did too. Granted, Sheffield is a great hitter. A long time, pro's pro. But how can Sheffield be diagnosing pitching flaws (of a guy from the other league!) when Leiter's own old pitching coach apparently couldn't identify, communicate, and correct the same issue? Al was supposedly tipping his pitches when he was with the Fish (one arm angle for certain pitches and another angle for another). With a little work in New York, that's apparently all fixed.

EDIT: Completely unrelated, but just as a reminder: Voting in Day One's Favorite Marlin contest is open until noon. The Kevin Brown/Alex Fernandez balloting is very close. One vote either way could sway the whole thing.