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Morning Marlins News

Just a few quick things to start the day:

  • Jack McKeon was on WQAM this morning. He said that considering everything from the recent road trip, he's confident that the Marlins are poised for a hot streak. Hopefully he's right.
  • Mike Berardino is calling for the Marlins to hold a press conference where they can state that they're going to hold on to their key parts for the stretch drive. I particularly liked this part:
    That's highly unlikely from all indications. So is the notion the Marlins might somehow improve their short-term chances by moving Burnett.

    If they aren't attaching Lowell's contract anymore, as they tried so hard to do with the Orioles, the Marlins would be better off keeping Burnett. Especially in light of Dontrelle Willis' recent struggles and Josh Beckett's nine career trips to the disabled list.

    What's that? The White Sox might give up lefty reliever Damaso Marte and Triple-A pitcher Brandon McCarthy? The Red Sox could offer stylish right-hander Bronson Arroyo and Double-A pitcher Anibal Sanchez?

    Uh, thanks for calling. Click.

  • Trade rumors based on scout sightings.
  • Here's a nice story about Dontrelle that includes the totally unrelated words that I've been waiting to read/here:
    Cabrera also is expected to be approached about a long-term contract after the 2006 season before he is eligible for arbitration.

    "This is the team I grew up with. I want to play here a long time. I feel comfortable here," said Cabrera, who added that his agents have not had any discussions yet with the Marlins.

    Actually, that's not quite what I was hoping for. The Marlins need to take care of Cabrera before the 2006 season - not after it. Miguel has earned the right to receive some financial security. And the Marlins need to stay on his good side.

    But this line worries me:

    Cabrera is making $370,000 this year and will get a nominal increase next year. But when he becomes eligible for arbitration, his value will skyrocket.

    It worries me because it's not true, but I fear that's how the Marlins see it. Cabrera's value doesn't "skyrocket" because he becomes arbitration eligible. His price tag certainly will skyrocket, but his value will remain about the same as it's been since 2003. The Marlins have been too slow to reward him and I fear that they'll find that the pennies they've kept from Miguel last year and this year (and next year too, I guess) will end up costing them Miguel entirely when he's free to choose where he wants to play.