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Trade Deadline Looming: What Will the Marlins Do?

By the end of this week (Sunday, to be exact) the (non-waiver) trade deadline will pass. For the past month (or more - it definitely feels like more than just a month), we've heard rumors for seemingly every Marlins player:

A.J. Burnett has been rumored to go just about everywhere other than Tampa and Kansas City; Mike Lowell has been linked to a number of teams; even Juan Pierre has drawn interest - despite his slow start this season.

But so far, except for "trading" Al Leiter to the Yankees, the Marlins haven't made an actual move.

Will they make a move by the deadline?

I'm not sure, but I think they will. In order of likelihood, here's who I think might be moved:

  1. A.J. Burnett
  2. Mike Lowell
  3. Alex Gonzalez
  4. Juan Encarnacion
  5. Jeff Conine
Other than the first two guys, any guesses for who will be dealt are as good as any other. Contrary to recent years, the longer the Marlins wait to make a move, the more likely it feels (at least to me) that they might not make any move at all before the deadline. And of all years, this season sure seems like one where trades requiring waivers will be made throughout August. There are simply too many teams that consider themselves contenders.

That's the boat the Marlins are in right now. They were just successful enough on this recent road trip to consider themselves contenders, but not quite successful enough to solidify anything. A sweep this week against the Pirates could help to turn the tide towards making a post-season push for this season. But we all know how the Fish have struggled against the Bucs in recent years (but don't worry - those struggles are mostly contained to Pittsburgh?).

No ichthyomancy points, but what do you think: will the Marlins make moves prior to the deadline? Will they be buyers, sellers, or Switzerland? What moves do you think the Marlins should make - including standing pat (note that this is potentially different than the moves you think the Marlins will actually make)?

UPDATE: The latest A.J. rumor that I'm hearing is that Burnett will go to the White Sox in exchange for Jose Contreras, Damaso Marte, and Brandon McCarthy. If that other is really on the table, why were the Marlins even considering the trade with the Orioles last week? I'd way rather have Contreras, Marte, and McCarthy instead of Bigbie, Julio, and Penn. I guess the Marlins really want(ed) someone to take Lowell and his salary. Maybe the Marlins think Lowell's struggles aren't going to go away.