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"Nothing" Baseball

As you probably noticed, I have been pretty much absent from the site the past few days. There's been content, but it's been limited; there haven't been many comments, and the tables haven't been updated in a very timely fashion. But, starting today, things should be back to normal for the foreseeable future.

You can look at the past few days a little like this:

... the Lake Elsinore Storm, the California League affiliate of the San Diego Padres changed all that (all be it if just for one night) by doing "nothing".

... And nothing is what the fans in Lake Elsinore got, and they loved it. The nothing night promotion lived up to its name, providing the fans with just baseball... nothing else. With no one running the ticket office fans were invited to enter the stadium free of charge and lay claim to any seat in the house. "The place had kind of an eerie feeling to it, I guess I really didn't think about all that goes on around here until it's not going on," commented Andy Wirth a long time Storm Fan.

Local fans were also invited to bring their own snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic) in to the Stadium because "nothing" was going on at the concession stands; the same went for the bathrooms... nothing. Inside the stadium there were no amenities, no game day staff, nothing at all. Outside the stadium fans did have the luxury of port-o-potties located outside the front gates and a lunch cart parked itself in the parking lot offering food to hungry fans.

Okay, so what you've gotten from me the past few days is nothing like what the Storm did at all. But I wanted to share that little story. It's about nothing at a baseball game kind of like how this site has been about nothing - at least from me - for the past few days.