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Day One in the City

The Fish Stripes crew hasn't fully assembled just yet, but there has already been a fair share of fun. I arrived with some friends early yesterday afternoon. We're staying near Times Square, so we made our way around there a little bit.

The all-American mascot themed weekend kicked off early at the Hershey's store, where we met the Hershey Kiss himself. Here's evidence of my friend Peter and I meeting the Kiss (I'm in green on the left, that's the Kiss in the middle, leaving Peter, in a Book of Mike throwback, on the right):

We watched the game at the ESPN Zone. Unfortunately, we were clearly outnumbered by Mets fans (more specifically, David Wright fans - but at least most of them were semi-attractive, or better, females).

Pictures from my self-guided tour of the city (from this morning) can be found below the fold. All were taken with my camera phone, so I apologize for any fuzziness. Click "read more" to see.

I set out in hopes of finding my way to Central Park (mind you, I was without a map), but I went the wrong way and ended up at the sea port instead. Some of you may understand why that's so funny.

More evidence...

First I saw the USS Intrepid:

Another angle:

And even more relevant, the Queen Mary 2:

Picture two of the QM:

There was a Carnival ship in port too. I believe it was the Victory. I'm on vacation though, so I just kept on with my walk. ;-)