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Did Dontrelle Hit a Wall?

Alternate Title: Why Jack Must Go

Overlooked yesterday, at least by me, were the recaps of Dontrelle's performance on Sunday. In the Herald they talked about how Dontrelle simply didn't look like himself on Sunday. There were quotes from Dontrelle, from Phils Manager Charlie Manuel, and others. Most concerning of all was this one:

''He didn't look like the same guy,'' manager Jack McKeon

Thanks, Jack. Great insight. Great analysis. Don't let us bother you; get back to that cigar you're working on there.

Are you kidding me? Do you just not want to talk about what's wrong with Dontrelle publicly? Or do you really not know?

Go back and watch some of the video. Dontrelle's mechanics are horrific. He was falling towards third base at times, landing stiff on his right leg at others, and failing to follow through on his delivery in others still.

Maybe he's tired; maybe he's not. That's much harder to ascertain. But between the McKeon - Wiley braintrust, someone has to figure out what's wrong with Willis mechanically and get it fixed.

And since I'm fairly convinced that won't happen, or at least that it won't happen because of Jack's making it happen, I hope that Jack is sent home to North Carolina before the Fish come back to Florida.