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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Diamonbacks (7/19)

TIME: 9:40 @ 'da BOB

         MARLINS                                  DIAMONDBACKS
A.J. Burnett (5-6, 3.64)                   Javier Vazquez (8-8, 4.25)

A.J.'s name is written in pencil. We'll see what happens. By the time you read this, he may be gone. Scheduling difficulties force me to put the open thread up early, so I apologize if A.J. has been dealt or there's other news that I missed out on. The point table and tonight's ichthyomancy table should be updated by game time tonight.

Ichthyomancy Pick Table:

Person Player Attendance AAB
Mike Delgado 25,001 Delgado sends one ball to the pool
Carolina Lowell 21,900 11 total runs
Craig Castillo 20,701 Castillo: 3B
Danielfred1235 Delgado 23,456 HR to straightaway CF
Dex Pierre 21,212
Double B SP
Fishfan24 SP 22,000
Jsprt05 Burnett 22,365 Cabrera: 2B, HR
Seamusfurr Gonzalez 22,222 McKeon snoozes
StrandedX02 LoDuca 20,227 AJ: 6 IP, 12 K
Wiggins Lowell 19,785 Fish: 7 R, W

Follow the action virtually here

Make your picks and discuss...