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Pin the Jersey on A.J.

Where will A.J. Burnett end up? Rumors are rampant. A number of teams have been mentioned (going into last night's game, there may have been more suitors than we previously knew of - the Rangers and Red Sox are now hot in pursuit). Where will A.J. Burnett pitch for the last two months of the season?

No one really knows. Well, at least we regular folk don't know. So, let's play Ichthyomancy. Leave your picks in the comments of where you think A.J. will end up. Bonus points for predicting the exact date of the trade (7/31 is only worth a half point), as well as any other players involved (to/from the Fish). You can also pick that he stays with the Marlins if you want. AAB picks are allowed.

Person A.J. To: Date AAB
Mike Red Sox 7/23 Fish obtain the Greek God of Walks
Carolina Orioles 7/20
Craig Stay a Fish
Danielfred1235 Orioles 7/29 Bigbie and Julio +
Dex Stay a Fish 7/26
Double B Padres 7/31
Fishfan24 Blue Jays
Jsprt05 White Sox 7/23 Contreras and Crede in return
Seamusfurr Red Sox 7/19 5+ player deal
StrandedX02 Blue Jays 7/27 Includes Chacin and League
Wiggins Yankees 7/18