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Open Thread: I'm Taking the Night Off

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It's the All-Star break. I was not invited to the All-Star game. I'm sure you are as shocked about this as I was (and still am).

Unlike Derek Jeter (who was on South Beach at Club B.E.D. on Monday night), and others who failed to receive invites, I didn't take time off to spend with my family or to improve my binge drinking abilities. But I'm doing that tonight (at least the time off part). Y'all are still welcome here - encouraged to be here in fact (and are encouraged to pollute the comments wtih your thoughts).

I'll even give you a topic (stealing Wiggins' suggestion): Books - what books do you recommend? I'm tempted to pick up Scout's Honor. By "tempted" I mean that I'll pick it up sooner or later, but that I haven't yet. License to Deal is decent, but not a must read (though the Dontrelle stories are entertaining). Bat Boy is entertaining and a quick read. Seamus gave us a great review of The Bad Guys Won last week. Others? Thoughts?

If book talk doesn't work for you, check out Misty May in her golden form or being a regular Olympian. Apparently there's a horse named after her too (note the URL). That's creepy.