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At the All-Star Game

Up to four Marlins could participate in tonight's All-Star game - including: Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis, Paul LoDuca, and Luis Castillo.

Speculation is that Willis will enter the game in the 4th or 5th inning and that LoDuca will enter the game at the same time. Regardless of how it actually works out, it seems to be a given that Willis will pitch to LoDuca tonight.

Speaking of Mr. Willis, here's a picture of him during yesterday's festivities:

I wish I could look cool wearing my hat like that.

There has been a fair amount of Willis coverage at the ASG. Here's one story about Willis and Jimmy Rollins. The was also a story about the D-Train and reading.

Luis Castillo also displays style everywhere, albeit of a slightly different taste than Willis's:

There have been some nice Castillo stories too. But not much about LoDuca or Cabrera.

No mention of this year's All-Star Game would be complete without a Reggie Jackson reference. But I'll avoid it. If you missed all the Reggie tie-ins (and I like Reggie), you haven't been paying attention.