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Ichthyomancy - Second Half Plans

As alluded to previously, ichthyomancy will expand after the All-Star break so that more people can participate (and feel like they have a chance of winning). There will be three contests, two of which will occur simultaneously:

  1. Full season - this is what we've been playing all year (and will continue)
  2. Second half - starting on Thursday, we'll keep a separate tally of points for the 2nd half only. If you're new to ichthyomancy, this is a perfect opportunity to jump in. If you've already been playing, now there's double the fun.
  3. Playoffs - depending on the Marlins involvement in the post-season, the rules of this game will vary. We'll have to figure this out as we go.
There will be prizes for the champions of each of the three contests. I'm not quite sure what the prizes will be just yet, but there will be something. The more you people click on the advertisements on the left and buy tickets from the people on the right (at the bottom) the more we'll have for a prize budget. In lieu of that, I've been collecting things to serve as prizes throughout the season.

Points from tonight's All-Star game will count towards the overall standings, but not towards the second half (as was the case with home run derby points last night). Second half points start on Thursday, when the Marlins arrive in Philadelphia.

Feel free to add any ichthyomancy suggestions below.