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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Home Run Derby (7/11)

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We're going to do something a little different today. Since there are no games, we'll play ichthyomancy with home run derby.

The format of the derby this year is a little different than in past years. In standing with tradition, eight players will compete for the individual championship. There will be three rounds. With four players (with the highest totals) advancing from the first round to the second, and two players advancing from the second round to the finals. In each round, the current rounds total (only) counts towards advancing the player to the next round. Their cumulative total does not count.

However, this year's All-Star Home Run Derby focuses on different nations (in anticipation of next Spring's World Cup), as opposed to pitting the American versus the National League. In past years, four contestants from each league battled for league supremacy in the first round of the tournament. That is gone this year (as there are 5 National Leaguers and 3 American Leaguers). The three round format remains, however. The hitters with the highest home run totals will advance to the semi-finals and the finals.

Another new twist this year is that golden baseballs will be used once each batter has 9 outs (each batter gets 10 outs per round). The golden ball - if hit for a home run - will generate $21,000 for charity. Why $21,000? Well, I'm assuming it has something to do with Century 21 which sponsors the event and will give a house away to someone tonight (depending on who wins).

If you are really excited about the prospects of a golden baseball, you can buy your own. They're only $49.95 each.

Ichthyomancy points will be awarded in these categories: champion, most homers in a single round, most homers in the derby, and for any accurate (and specific) above and beyond picks (i.e. David Ortiz goes homerless in the first round and is eliminated or Carlos Lee outhomers Andruw Jones 5-3 in the final, with Carlos hitting two "golden" homers in the final round to clinch the title).

Tonight's participants:

Player Team Lg Nation
Bobby Abreu Phillies NL Venezuela
Jason Bay Pirates NL Canada
Hee Seop Choi Dodgers NL Korea
Andruw Jones Braves NL Netherlands
Carlos Lee Brewers NL Panama
David Ortiz Red Sox AL Dominican Republic
Ivan Rodriguez Tigers AL Puerto Rico
Mark Teixeira Rangers AL United States

My picks:
Champion: Mark Teixiera
Most homers in one round: Andruw Jones
Most homers (cumulative): Mark Teixiera

Make your picks and discuss...

NOTE: Yes, I know that I'm having way too much fun with the home run derby. Whatever. We'll play ichthyomancy with the game itself tomorrow, although that will be more like a regular game - just with fewer Marlins.

Pick Tracking:

Person Champion Single Round Cumulative AAB
Mike Teixiera Jones Teixiera ---
Wiggins Ortiz Bay Ortiz Bay, Choi, Papi and Tex to Rd. 2
Danielfred1235 Jones Ortiz Jones Jones/Ortiz Final
Fishfan24 Abreu Ortiz Teixiera Pudge does nothing
Carolina Lee Choi Lee ---
Craig Lee Abreu Abreu ---
Jsprt05 Abreu Jones Teixeira Abreu beats Texeira 9-6 with Abreu hitting 3 Golden Homers

I doubt we'll have a fancy table every night, but I figured this would make things easier tonight.