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Weekend Review

Well the Marlins were swept this weekend. As you can imagine, I find this very depressing. Losing to the Cubs is about as bad as it gets in my book - especially when the Cubs' fans outnumber the Marlins' fans in the Marlins own stadium.

One funny thing happened on Friday night (I was going to recap the evening, but Fishfan already did a good job of that, so I'll spare you). The couple sitting next to me must have been at their first game in a long time on Friday. The husband was in all sorts of teal gear - none of which had probably been broken out since 1993 or so. The wife was not as baseball savvy. She was quite confused by the displays on the video board of the Cubs. Each Cubs player was pictured with two goats at his side. The woman next to me insisted that one was a dog and that the other was a monkey. I told her the story of the Cubs and the goat, but she didn't understand the story. She attempted to take my word for it, but she insisted on looking at the pictures through her binoculars. After doing so, she insisted that the players were surrounded by dogs and monkeys. At that point, I gave up.

All-Star Break Notes
Ichthyomancy will continue during the All-Star break. We'll have a home run derby contest (Monday) as well as predictions for the game itself on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I'll announce the second half program (which will be in addition to the full season program). That's when I'll also announce the prizes and some other fun things (all of which would happen now, but I haven't made it all up yet).