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Changes Begin

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While they may not have been the high profile moves you were expecting, the Marlins began to shake things up yesterday (as mentioned in last night's comments).


  • Nate Bump is on his way to Albuquerque. He'll likely be a starter in AAA.
  • Matt Perisho has probably seen his last day in a Marlins uniform. He's not interested in the minors and will try to join up with another team.
In I'm not sure what to think of the moves at this point. I am looking forward to cheering Bentz. Chad is a native Alaskan (not too many of those in the majors) and he was born with a slight disability, similar to former major leaguer Jim Abbott's.

Maybe it was just me, but I got all excited when I read The Herald's headline this morning ("First move: Shuffle relievers"). For a brief instant it gave me hope that there were actually established roles in the bullpen. Unfortunately (other than Jones as the closer), it appears that defined roles are non-existent in the bullpen. Maybe that will start to sort itself out now that everyone can feel the uncomfortableness resulting from a relative mainstay like Bump being demoted.