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Beinfest on WQAM

Larry Beinfest was on WQAM with Hank Goldberg this morning. Here were a couple things that caught my attention:

  • When talking about the "imminent changes" discussed all over the place yesterday (following Mr. Loria's quotes that something would happen shortly), Beinfest reiterated that he's happy with the team as presently constituted and thinks that it can win this year. He did say that they discussed a number of potential changes yesterday - including a slight change (just for a "spark"), a more significant move, and a big-impact move. While he didn't give anything away, he did give the impression that a major move was not going to happen in the short term.
  • Beinfest will be in Jupiter today, along with all the other baseball ops folks for the draft.
  • Larry spoke highly of Palm Beach's Chris Volstad - even mentioning that he's personally scouted the high school pitcher.
  • Beinfest also spoke highly of UM's Cesar Carrillo and Ryan Braun, but was most effusive about Volstad.
  • The GM stated that budget might be a consideration when determining how the Marlins utilize their draft picks today (signability, of course, will be as well), but Beinfest stated that he felt that Mr. Loria had been very generous in providing them with a budget.