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Follow the Draft

The 2005 MLB Draft gets underway at 12:30 Eastern today.

Keep up with the Marlins' picks here.

Just for fun, Baseball America has the Marlins first round picks as follows (now updated with actual picks in bold):

  1. Chris Volstad, RHP, Palm Beach Gardens HS Volstad
  2. Aaron Thompson, LHP, Second Baptist HS (Houston) Thompson
  3. Bryan Morris, RHP, Tullahoma HS (Tenn) Jacob Marceaux, RHP, McNeese St
  4. Yuniel Escobar, SS, HS (Miami)
  5. Clay Buchholz, RHP, Angelina CC (Texas)
It will be interesting to see if the draft turns out that way. Many clubs - notably the Cardinals and A's - have heavily favored college prospects in recent years (as they're generally closer to the majors). BA seems to think that the Marlins will take the high school route. That may be prudent, especially if more teams have started to adopt the college-preferred strategy, as more talented high schoolers may be left for the taking.

And in case anyone (other than me) is interested, the final projections for UM's top prospects are (by the way, Canes picks will be easier to track - go here):

  1. Brewers - Ryan Braun (3B/OF) 5th - Brewers
  2. Padres - Cesar Carrillo (RHP) 18th - Padres
I'm not buying Carrillo falling to #18. That would mean that both the White Sox and Marlins would have to pass on him. Carrillo is a Chicago native and the Sox have had a scout (often more than one) at each of his starts this year).

Maybe the Marlins will pass on Carrillo (Beinfest seemed surprisingly high on Volstad this morning - surprising in the sense that normally a GM wouldn't be so effusive about an undrafted prospect), but I don't think that the White Sox will.

Shows you what I know. The Sox and Marlins passed on Carrillo and he fell to the Padres at number 18. Something tells me Cesar will find San Diego to his liking.