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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Nationals (6/4)

TIME: 7:05 @ RFK

           MARLINS                              NATIONALS
  Alois Leiter (2-5, 6.38)              Tomo Ohka (4-3, 3.20)

Lois takes the hill on the road tonight, so in that sense there's hope. This will be the third time the Marlins have seen Ohka this year, but he's faired reasonably well (having been victimized by Cy Cobb earlier in the year).

I'll go off the board for ichthyomancy tonight and take skump-mired Paul LoDuca (or Treanor - whoever gets the start behind the plate) and a crowd of 34,253 (with the crowd being limited by folks staying home to talk about Deep Throat).

Other Picks:
Double B - Cabrera
Carolina - Castilo and 38,100
Craig - Encarnacion (or LF) and 35,154

Make your picks and discuss...