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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Nationals (6/3)

TIME: 7:05 @ RFK

           MARLINS                                NATIONALS
  Josh Beckett (7-3, 2.62)            Livan Hernandez (8-2, 3.61)

Just so you people will stop pestering me about it, this series marks the 5th of 7 consecutive series the Marlins will play at stadiums which are easily recognized with three letter acronyms (starting with the Tampa series during the last homestand - JRS, JRS, JRS, PNC, RFK, JRS, and JRS - the last series being against Texas next week).

Hopefully we'll see more scenes like this tonight (from pitchers in the white uniforms (unless of course the Nats break out their BP jerseys at game time again):

I'm not feeling much of anything tonight and my fish is not cooperative. I'll go with Delgado and a crowd of 31,227. Keep the rain in mind as you make your attendance picks (but the announced attendance is based on sold tickets - not on how many people actually show up).

Other Picks:
Double B - Beckett
Wiggins - Beckett (with 10 strikeouts) and 4 or 5 errors in the game

Make your picks and discuss...