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Dontrelle Loses Number Three

Normally I avoid game recaps, but last night's game was an interesting one. Dontrelle didn't have his best outing of the year - actually, it may have been his worst. But over the course of a 162-game season, it's inevitable that you'll get roughed up once or twice. Let's just hope it was an abberation for Dontrelle.

Despite the rough outing, I loved seeing Dontrelle's all-out effort last night. His diving catch of the pop-up bunt was exciting. Well, it was after he got back up. Watching the team's ace dive on a rainy field isn't exactly a sight that you always want to see.

A quote from Kevin Baxter's recap of Monday's game also applies to last night's game:

they were done in by a guy who's so old he had played 11 years, won a batting title and made three All-Star teams before the Marlins franchise was born.

Julio Franco is amazing. Following up on Monday's pinch-hit grand slam, he tripled to clear the bases (3 RBI in the game) last night. I'm guessing he's the oldest player ever to hit a grand slam one night (pinch-hit or not) and to follow it up the next day with a triple. Sick. He even looks more limber in the field than most other guys. I wonder if he could still play second base.

Random thoughts:

  • I'm getting more and more down on Juan Pierre. It's not because of his hitting. It's his defense that's bothering me. Granted, it's no different than it has ever been, but opponents seem to be taking more advantage of Juan's weak arm. Maybe it's just the Braves who are doing that. Check out how many baserunners take a hard turn at first on balls hit into centerfield. They look like they're ready to take second with the slightest hesitation from Pierre.
  • Scott Olsen chatted up some fans and stadium employees during the rain delay. He stayed out in the bullpen (there's a small covered area out there). Maybe he has some of Dontrelle's friendliness in him.
  • People are down on the grounds crew for Monday night's episode. Folks who are making light of their efforts have probably never dragged a tarp. Try it sometime and you'll respect what they do. I've never done it in a major league park and I've never dragged a tarp in rain like Monday or Tuesday's, but I know it's hard work.
  • If I can get the pictures off of my camera phone, I'll upload some rain delay pictures.