Rally Marlin

The second one was made to Mike's specifications, but I'm not sure I did too great a job with it. Then again, who am I kidding, the first one was terrible, too.

What is /not/ terrible is the way we caught this fish. Here's the story you mentioned. Feel free to edit it.

The Rally Fish

It was a stormy night in June. The sea was angry that day, my friends. The FishStripes gang and I had decided to take one night and not watch a Marlins game, and instead we headed out fishing.

Not very succesful the first 37 things we caught were actually various flotsam and insects, so our frustration began to rise. At 11 or so we turned on the radio to be soothed by the voice of Dave Van Horne, only to be met by a terrible situation. The Marlins were down, 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth.

Double B was quick to remind everyone even if the Fish managed a heroic comeback that the bullpen was likely to blow it anyway. Wiggins started singing a terribly sad operetta, while Mike took his autographed Marlins' glove (which he always carries with him) and threw it into the sea. Craig was nowhere to be found (as it was Wednesday) and Carolina was too upset to talk to anyone. Seamus was just starting to wake up and was getting ready to tune in to the game (even though we were all fishing together, he was still on West Coast time). Dex, from Gaslamp Ball, even joined us on this expedition - and he regaled us with stories of the Padres' Rally Unicorn. Daniel was captivated by these stories, and he took copious notes so that he could recount Dex's tales to his mother in great detail. Jsprt05 said, "I'm new to this place and you people are scaring me."

Of course, like any sensible man, Mike realized only seconds later the travesty he had just commited. FishFan came to the rescue.

He cast his line into the see in hopes of hooking the glove before it hit the Andruw "Davy" Jones' locker.

He did so but while pulling the line up a tourquise/aqua blue flash let out in the night, filling the sea with color. Just at the moment Van Horne pointed out things happening in the game: The Braves made mistakes, Miggy had an infield single, all of a sudden the Fish were back in the game.

The line went taut and we fought as a team while that Marlins mounted their comeback. The Marlins tied the game and took it into extra innings. All through the comeback we fought, and finally mounted our fish.

As we pulled it up we noticed a large smile on it's face, and a glove in its mouth. The fish, this Marlin, was clearly a Florida Marlins fan as well. We could not kill the fish, regardless of how majestic it was.

We cast him back into the sea, but on his way down he stopped, pulled up, and winked. All that was left was this one photo. We knew something magical was to come...

It was headed to the bottom of the 13th. What would it be? The Rally Marlin had made a promise of good things to come.

Update [2005-6-30 0:1:26 by fishfan24]:As he promised the Rally Marlin came through that faithful night. The elusive "clutch hit" came through. Balls found holes, the Mig ran like the wind, LuCa evaded the tag, all the things that had gone wrong felt washed away. Enc even came through with the winning hit. To this day we wonder what became of the Rally Marlin, but we know he is safe beneath the dea. We will call on him when the Fish are down, and we need a little magic. Do you believe in the Rally Marlin?