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Rainy Day Notes

The Marlins game was shortened last night due to rain, but in reality that just ended the pain a little earlier than normal. It's still rainy down here, but hopefully it will clear up by tonight.

Other thoughts:

  • Everyone's talking about the Burnett to the Orioles trade (Herald, Sentinel, PB Post). It's not going to happen.
  • Dontrelle's mom is watching her son pitch now. That's new.
  • Dontrelle is still leading ESPN's Cy Young predictor
  • The Marlins are on pace to draw 1.8 million fans this year. That would be a 100,000 fan improvement over last year. It will be interesting to see how that holds up if the team continues to struggle.
  • Speaking of struggling, the Marlins are 38-35 currently. That includes a 6-0 mark against the Rays, 6-3 versus the 4th place Phillies, and 3-1 against the Rockies. Subtract that from the record and the Marlins are 23-31. A 3-6 record against both the Braves and Mets drives much of that poor record.
  • The Marlins have dropped to 6th in the Majors in team ERA (3.80). Their starters have the best ERA in the league though (3.38). As you already knew, the Marlins bullpen is the culprit. Their 4.80 ERA ranks 21st in the Majors - a full two runs behind the league leading Indians (2.78).
  • Beckett threw on the side again yesterday. It wasn't clear afterwards if he'd pitch in Thursday's game and/or when he will be activated. Lots of cute quotes from Josh and McKeon about the whole thing. If only they could make their actions as fun as their words.