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Another get together?

This time it will be Fish Stripes at home.

While we haven't even left for our first Fish Stripes' road trip yet, the wheels are already in motion for a second get together. This next one will take place in town, at JRS. Some folks have expressed interest in such an outing before. Now it's time to start working on the details.

What I'd like, from folks who are interested, is your opinion on the following:

  • When to go (opponent and/or day of week)
  • Where to sit
  • Whether you're interested in a pre-game tailgate or not
All of this is tentative so far, so please don't feel like you're committing yourself to anything. I mostly just want an idea if people would prefer a mid-week game or a weekend game (which will be slightly more expensive).

My initial preference is for a Saturday night game (as that's generally the easiest for everyone). 7/30 (Nationals), 8/13 (Giants), and 8/20 (Dodgers) look like the best candidates to me. But if the consensus is for something else, we'll go that way.

I'm talking to the Marlins to see what's available in the hot tub, picnic, and suite areas - but where we sit is up to everyone. I've heard that the hot tub area can be pretty reasonable (as the packages include food), but that it's rarely available.

Also, if you're interested, please let me know how many people (roughly) you'll be bringing. That will help me with the price negotiating with the Marlins.